Black-owned food trucks are leaders among social media

Gourmet cuisine just a click away

Kaeche Liburd | OW Contributor | 8/29/2019, midnight
The food truck industry is a niche market capitalized..

His shift typically begins five hours before the start of an event. After he stocks supplies, fuels up both the truck and the generator, and loads the shaved ice into the van, he makes sure to arrive at the event at least one hour early.

“Being mobile is a great advertising piece,” Johnson noted. “People see the big, bright truck and, for some, curiosity ensues.” Johnson insists that it is more than a mobile restaurant. The creative decorations make his and many other food trucks rolling billboards for their brand. “Sometimes we run out before we arrive at our location,” Johnson explained.

The hard work is paying dividends. So far, Happy Ice has appeared on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and the clientele of “Happy Ice” includes online influencers and a host of celebrities. Follow @happyice

Billionaire Burger Boyz

Billionaire Burger Boyz has special fries for when you crave something fantastic. Imagine Cajun shrimp Alfredo piled atop golden French fries with a topping of grated cheese toggled between sweetness and serenity.

Also, the truck’s rather small interior footprint may provide a time-saver for staff when it comes to cleanup.

“The cleaning is at the end of the day,” said Princess Penn who works with Billionaire Burger Boyz. “The space is confined. I like the food truck life! It’s hot, fast, and easier.” They’re easy to find: @billionaireburgerboyz.

Chef Soulo is a food entrepreneur and the owner of the ”Billionaire Burger Boyz” storefront restaurant in Compton that complements his mobile meal machine that has been featured in “Food Truck Nation.” The address is 811 S. Long Beach Blvd. Catering is available.

There are vegan dishes as well as meat selections. Burgers, sliders, and wings are among the dishes. His “specialty fries” and other unexpected selections are available. @chef_soulo

Grilled Fraiche

An ultimate challenge for “mobile foodies” is Grilled Fraiche. They also operate a storefront restaurant in the Crenshaw District at 5800 West Blvd.,, the restaurant sends out the truck daily with a different menu.

Grilled Fraiche combines a sweet yet savory sauce to the salmon, in providing the diner with a surprise kick after the first bite. Curious about where that kick comes from, you take another bite. The seafood dishes are paired perfectly with grilled veggies or rice. They also prepare a Caribbean-inspired meat dish.

Follow @grilledFraiche

Taste Thyme

Chef Lee is busy with the details of making food both tasty and pretty to satisfy your visual palate before a morsel touches your tongue. In search of a mouthful of goodness? The food truck “Taste Thyme” does a juicy grilled salmon with thyme and butter soaked pieces straight from the grill. Follow @tastethymecatering to find out the next location.

All Flavor No Grease

Chef Keith Garrett, owner of All Flavor No Grease, began as a self-taught cook who used social media to build his following of customers who delighted in his tacos, burritos and quesadillas he sold from a driveway on 108th Street in South LA. Since then, the popularity of his food went viral, often resulting in traffic grid lock in his neighborhood. Garret eventually purchased a food truck and the rest is history.

All Flavor No Grease has been credited locally with serving the best in “Americanized-Mexican” cuisine, all thanks thanks to Garret’s experience as a “bonafide taquero.” First, Garrett seasons all meats to perfection in his own secret recipe mix. Next, once the chicken, steak, and shrimp are all cooked, he warms a large flour tortilla over the griddle, stuffing cheese into the mix to make it an inch thick. The dish is then sliced into six portions and dressed with the requisite sour cream, cilantro salsa, homemade pico de gallo and—in keeping with a Southern tradition—a helping of Louisiana hot sauce. Garrett also offers a signature original recipe lobster gumbo on the menu.

Track down All Flavor No Grease for exactly that: a whole lot of flavor with not a whole lot of grease, from a chef who’s bringing his best to the best coast.

Follow Black food trucks and chase your foodie desires! Depending on the day, you can find Happy Ice, Billionaire Burger Boyz, Bleu Kitchen, All Flavor; No Grease, and Trap Kitchen at 8700 S. Western Ave. in South LA.

William Covington contributed to this article.