Book Review


Young entrepreneur donates $100,00 in scholarships for HBCU students

Bryce Thompson is a 24-year-old Black entrepreneur...

‘RUN for It - Stories of Slaves Who Fought for Their Freedom’

Afro-Brazilian comic book author Marcelo D’Salete focuses on a topic unfamiliar to..

‘A Boy Like You’ excellent book for early readers

Sometimes, people can barely tell you and your best friend apart..

“More to Life”

“Keep this to yourself!” That’s the way big dreams start: don’t tell anyone....

‘What Set Me Free’ is story of redemption

Every second of it, every sound, it’s burned in your memory. You can recall..

‘Hood Feminism’ captures different view of women’s rights struggle

A sea of people. That’s what you saw, overlooking the crowd at the..

‘Driving While Black’ traces travel and Civil Rights Movement

Keys in the ignition, rear view mirror’s been adjusted, steering..

‘Her Own Two Feet’ shows how to overcome adversity

On the day you took your first steps, your parents..

Did slaves support Confederacy? Find out in new book ‘Searching’

And yet, each era has inside it a thousand little clues..

‘A Death in Harlem’ is mystery with fun twist

With a book in your hands, you can..

New book delves into graphic-horror genre

Your first living place all your own needs to be “ah-mazing.”

‘In West Mills’ showcases value of real friendship

The burden on your shoulders is heavy..

‘Good Kids, Bad City’ will outrage then fascinate

Freshly washed, not a speck of dirt, they were as clean as your conscience. You did no..

‘What Is Given From Heart’ teaches lessons about life

You love the surprise, first of all. What did you get? You won’t find out until you rip off..

‘When Death Becomes Life’ reveals our medical heroes

That was the surprise on last night’s commute home: a flat tire. An inconvenience, a..