Book Review


New book delves into graphic-horror genre

Your first living place all your own needs to be “ah-mazing.”

‘In West Mills’ showcases value of real friendship

The burden on your shoulders is heavy..

‘Good Kids, Bad City’ will outrage then fascinate

Freshly washed, not a speck of dirt, they were as clean as your conscience. You did no..

‘What Is Given From Heart’ teaches lessons about life

You love the surprise, first of all. What did you get? You won’t find out until you rip off..

‘When Death Becomes Life’ reveals our medical heroes

That was the surprise on last night’s commute home: a flat tire. An inconvenience, a..

‘Genesis Begins Again’ great for middle-schoolers

That’s what you’d like to tell just about everybody right now: go away. Stop talking to me. Don’t fuss, quit fighting, put away those bad words. You’re done, so leave me..

Genesis Begins Again

That’s what you’d like to tell just about everybody right now: go away. Stop talking to me. Don’t fuss, quit..

‘Bound Woman’ poetic response to era of mass incarceration

Hands on the wheel. Hands on the hood, in the air, on the wall, on the ground..

‘Stop That Yawn!’ may help parents at child’s bedtime

That’s what you might say when it’s time for bed. You want to stay awake for awhile..

Origins of Black music are revealed in compelling book

The new book “Black American History: From Plantations to Rap Culture” by Pascal Archimede can..

Books are great Christmas gift for young readers

You know about his reindeer and his sleigh and the toys. You know about Frosty, and..

‘Gigged’ looks at making ends meet in work world

Oh, sure, it bought you what you needed but what you wanted, well, you had to figure..

‘Farming While Black’ a guide to love of land

Dirt lines every crease and covers much of your knuckles. It’s beneath your...

‘Kid Scientists’ takes look at realizing childhood dreams

Your room is a great big mess. At least that’s what your mother says but you know your room is a work in progress...

“No Small Potatoes: Junius G. Groves and His Kingdom in Kansas”

Your parents have said that; your teachers, too. Stop messin’, start paying attention, knuckle..