The politics of Field Order 15

As Union soldiers advanced through the South, tens of thousands of...

Obama’s last year brought economic success

The income, poverty and health insurance data released by...

Beyond the Rhetoric

The National Black Chamber of Commerce and its kindred spirits have been fighting construction unions' racist hiring and contracting tactics.

Student loan complaints up a record 325 percent over last year, says CFPB

As students and their families begin preparing for another school year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is reporting a record increase over the past year in the number of

Practical Politics

Recently, humankind in this part of the globe got dragged into an unwanted war with nature and got pummeled, thrice over.

Counting the Cost

Hurricane Harvey did everything people said it would do, and more.

Beyond the Rhetoric

It doesn't seem believable but we may be on the verge of nuclear war. You look at all the continents on this earth and you will find unrest. There are many reasons causing this conflict and uneasiness. Perhaps the main ...

Practical Politics

Unless the art of lying is considered a special skill, our current POTUS seems not to have any notable artistic talent. It should therefore not have come as a surprise to many of us that in his first national budget ...

After Charlottesville, push for real reform

Racism, exposed once more in the terror visited on Charlottesville, Va., still scars America. Hundreds of neo-Nazis, White supremacists, klansmen and other fervid racists gathered—some armed with assault rifles, and wearing camouflage. They marched with lit torches, yelling Nazi slogans, ...

Counting The Cost

I don't often write about comedians, but the recent passing of my friend Dick Gregory reminded me of the very important role that comedians play in our lives. Not that Gregory was simply a comedian. He was so much more ...

The Cost of Silence: How A Wealthy LA Democratic Donor Muted The Political Party of “Allies” and “Coalition Building”

The silence from L.A.'s Democratic community on the recent death of a 26-year-old Black gay male sex worker in the West Hollywood apartment of 63-year-old prominent Democratic political donor Ed Buck has been astounding.

CBC Chairman talks HBCUs, impeachment, and #rootoutracism

During a conference call with reporters, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.), the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), pledged to revisit the debate around impeachment when Congress returns after Labor Day and announced a new campaign to #RootOutRacism in the ...

Counting the Cost

Cheers to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, one of the first mayors to take Confederate statues down and to make the strong point that these statues represent nothing but oppression. You should check out the speech he delivered, in May ...

Waters to Wells Fargo: ‘Changing your chairman is not enough’

Following the announcement that Elizabeth Duke will replace Stephen Sanger as Chair of the Board of Directors of Wells Fargo, Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-43), Ranking Member of the Committee on Financial Services, made the following statement: “This superficial change in ...

Practical Politics

We can call last Saturday in Virginia what we want: the latest example of domestic terrorism, a current scenario displaying the present state of the U.S.A., or just an American protest gone bad. We can also see it for what ...