The politics of Black athletes dominating unusual world sports

Last weekend (July 12-14), the most popular athlete in Great Britain looked..

My adult life was off to a great start. I was a football star and educated from..

Besides the predominant problem of the common belief that reparations for...

The politics of restricting the vote

Last year, the Florida citizens voted to approve a new state Amendment..

The ‘new-old’ and continuing politics of dealing with reparations

On Wednesday, June 19, 2019, otherwise known as Juneteenth, the House..

The politics of a shiny new penny losing its luster

Speculating about future political outcomes is like playing the lottery...

The politics of achieving political reform

In politics, the usual way the game is played is that some of those who may..

The continuing politics of being the first

In reviewing the history and contributions of African- Americans in this..

Practical Politics

No, there has not been a general alarm put out yet about the dangers of..

Practical Politics

Former prosecutor for the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office (fired after the O.J. trial), crime novelist..

The politics of Field Order 15

As Union soldiers advanced through the South, tens of thousands of...

Practical Politics

Recently, humankind in this part of the globe got dragged into an unwanted war with nature and got pummeled, thrice over.

Practical Politics

Unless the art of lying is considered a special skill, our current POTUS seems not to have any notable artistic talent. It should therefore not have come as a surprise to many of us that in his first national budget ...

Practical Politics

We can call last Saturday in Virginia what we want: the latest example of domestic terrorism, a current scenario displaying the present state of the U.S.A., or just an American protest gone bad. We can also see it for what ...

Practical Politics

This is a multi-national world. That is, there are currently 195 countries officially recognized by the United Nations, each with its own government, economy, domestic issues and international interests. In order to enjoy relative peace and the opportunities for prosperity, ...

Practical Politics

America’s War on Drugs (WOD) (aka War on Black People) has been an ongoing messy affair for nearly 50 years. It has not stopped drug trafficking, it has not stopped drug addiction, and it has not made the USA safer. ...