The politics of being Colin Kaepernick

Okay, the 2019 professional football season..

The politics of losing when you try your hardest

This is in spite of the very boisterous..

The politics of fake doctorate degrees

Last weekend, as I enjoyed a little “me” time at a buddy’s birthday..

The politics of re-writing American history

Recently, the New York Times devoted its entire Sunday New York Times...

The politics of Black gun ownership in the USA

To many White Americans, particularly in the South, Black folks with guns has always been problematic...

The politics of defining one’s own art

Chloe Wofford, otherwise known to the world as Toni Morrison, has just..

The politics of potty-mouthing the population into submission

By now, being raised as some of us were, Mr. Trump’s mouth should be...

The politics of the Red Summer, 1919

From July 19-22, 1919, as part of the Red Summer of 1919 (red for bloody)..

The politics of Black athletes dominating unusual world sports

Last weekend (July 12-14), the most popular athlete in Great Britain looked..

My adult life was off to a great start. I was a football star and educated from..

Besides the predominant problem of the common belief that reparations for...

The politics of restricting the vote

Last year, the Florida citizens voted to approve a new state Amendment..

The ‘new-old’ and continuing politics of dealing with reparations

On Wednesday, June 19, 2019, otherwise known as Juneteenth, the House..

The politics of a shiny new penny losing its luster

Speculating about future political outcomes is like playing the lottery...

The politics of achieving political reform

In politics, the usual way the game is played is that some of those who may..

The continuing politics of being the first

In reviewing the history and contributions of African- Americans in this..