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Making a Black Chamber Effective

Beyond the Rhetoric

The time has come for us to gather up all the...

An Example of a Strong Black Leader

This letter is an excellent example of perfect advocacy...

When the Grim Reaper comes tapping at your door

Beyond the Rhetoric

According to www.influenza.com: When influenza (flu) goes...

Beyond the Rhetoric

Levi's Stadium: A project that will go down in infamy

The National Black Chamber of Commerce and its kindred spirits have been fighting construction unions' racist hiring and contracting tactics.

What if the CBC was pro-business?

The Congressional Black Caucus in its short history has basically been a bastion of progressive or liberal thinkers. Of the 42 members who can vote, their record collectively has been on a pro-socialistic direction. All of them are a part of the Democratic Party and will march with President Barack Obama’s agenda regardless of what harm it will do to Black Americans. The Republican Party has one person, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

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The Promise of Colombia

Beyond the Rhetoric

Where do I begin to tell the story of our trade mission to the beautiful nation of Colombia? It had been in the planning stage for more than 14 years. It began when Oscar Gamboa, who works for the government, came to our office in Washington, D.C., and met with Charles DeBow. There would be numerous communications with Oscar and others but we never solidified anything because we were preoccupied with African nations.

Beyond the Rhetoric

‘Gainful Employment’ rule throws Black students for a loss

Last week, the Obama Administration declared war on one million underserved students pursuing higher education throughout the United States. While the president and first lady launched their campaign to make it easier for low-income minority students to access college, the Department of Education has launched an unprecedented assault on this same community through a new proposal that will cut thousands of college programs that disproportionately serve poor communities, single working mothers, veterans and other at-risk populations. At a time when American employers desperately need an educated, skilled workforce to sustain economic recovery, a confused and conflicted White House is hurting the underserved communities it claims to support.

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Shaking up Denver

There have been times in the 20-year history of the National Black Chamber of Commerce that we had to put on our agenda a major lawsuit.

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Hurting our students for economic gain

There are very few things that are as vile and predatory than cheating young Black students out of a decent education.

A valiant fight for right in St. Paul

In my travels I have met many outstanding warriors. The late Arthur A. Fletcher and Parren J. Mitchell have cultivated the nation’s landscape in terms of economic empowerment.

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