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Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project nears completion

Art projects being installed soon

A virtual community meeting was held last Thursday to review the..

Day of Dialogue forum hosted by Our Weekly

Covering “1619 to COVID-19”

Our Weekly (OW) hosted a Day of Dialogue session earlier this week...

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Judicial ruling may restore faith in US Postal Service

Judge rules postal employees must treat election mail as first class mail

This year, due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, every active..

Black lawyers urge involvement in election protection efforts

Organization hosts Booker in recent webinar

The National Bar Association (NBA) recently conducted a webinar to urge members..

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Confederate symbols on decline

More than 90 removed/relocated since the death of Geroge Floyd

Some feel the removal of Confederate statues, flags and names from buildings, may..

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Mourning the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman

Actor portrayed Black Panther, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson and James Brown

Major League Baseball honored Jackie Robinson Day on Aug. 28 this year, noting the..

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Historical start to dismantling racism parallels today’s protest

Lawson has been involved in the confrontation—from fire hoses to tear gas

The work of dismantling American racism is not new. Rev. James Lawson has been...

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Abrams family ‘All In’ the fight against voter suppression

Faith and community leaders encouraged to get “Turnout Sunday” kits

Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams apparently came by her political leanings in...

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Women’s right to vote 100 years old

Black women celebrate 55 years of voting

During this week’s celebrations of the passage of constitutional..

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Women’s right to vote 100 years old

Black women celebrate 55 years of voting

During this week’s celebrations of the passage of constitutional amendment 19, which..

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GirlTrek’s #BlackHistoryBootCamp August installment underway

Walking challenge encourages Black women to use radical self-care

GirlTrek, a health movement for Black women and girls, recently launched its second...

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Doctor advocates unproven hydroxychloroquine treatments

POTUS reposts her video, although there is no known cure for COVID-19

President Donald Trump abruptly ended a coronavirus briefing last week, following a..

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Windsor Hills family survives COVID-19 battle

Advising everyone to take pandemic precautions seriously

When the first signs of the coronavirus pandemic came to Los Angeles, Stacy Miles,..

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Windsor Hills family survives COVID-19 battle

Advising everyone to take pandemic precautions seriously

When the first signs of the coronavirus pandemic came to Los Angeles, Stacy Miles,..

HireLAX program registration open

Dec. 14 orientation

Job hunters are invited to register for the next mandatory..

Reparations approved in Evanston, Ill.

First city in the country to approve reparations

Marijuana will be legalized in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020 and the city of Evanston..

Food safety during the holidays

The centerpiece of any holiday feast is the bird -- whether a perfectly basted..

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The reason for the season is year-round in gospel music

Melodies of Black soul

Gospel. The word derives from the Old English godspell, a translation of..

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Entrepreneurship is not for everyone

Requires sacrifice and self-confidence

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Working outside..

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Proposition 52

If passed in November, Proposition 52 would enhance an existing law that imposes fees on hospitals and directs those fees and federal matching funds to hospital-provided Medi-Cal healthcare services.

How zip code impacts your life expectancy

Where you live can contribute to your well-being

Grandma lived in Pasadena until she was 102, and you’re hoping that you’ve inherited those good genes. But, according to the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities, a 10-year, community engagement initiative which celebrated its “halftime” on April 16, when it comes to health, your zip code matters much more than your genetic code.

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‘Subversive Habits’

Exploring the history of Black nuns

During Black History Month, there are a lot of pioneers, heroes, inventors and artists we remember. And every year, we learn more about our history, gaining more pride through that knowledge.

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‘Freeze Frame’ tackles issue of gun violence

Special performances of “Freeze Frame,” a play about gun violence written by Debbie Allen,

World AIDS Day

Program targets Black youth

The theme for the 2015 World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, is “The Time to Act is Now,” and on the official U.S. Government website,

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Domestic violence: An issue that needs more than a month of awareness

According to the L.A. County District Attorney, domestic violence is one of the most destructive crimes facing our society, because child witnesses are likely to repeat such acts when they become adults. Several local organizations are highlighting that fact during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

SBA grants awarded

Encourages small businesses to think on global scale

With 95 percent of the world’s consumers living outside of the United States, many local small businesses are missing out on a huge market.

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Empowerment Congress considers chaos or community

Cornel West delivers keynote address

Justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. And wherever I see injustice, I’m going to take a stand against it whether it’s in Mississippi or in Vietnam.” —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Clinical trials set for breakthrough sickle cell gene therapy technique

Using the patients’ own bone marrow

When you think sickle cell disease, you think of a crippling, painful, life-shortening disease that affects some in the Black community.

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‘One Night in Miami …’ after the big Ali fight

The boxer, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X and Jim Brown come together on stage

I must admit, I was not really a big Muhammad Ali fan when I was young. Coming from a Catholic upbringing where quiet humbleness was next to godliness, I guess I thought him too flamboyant, loud and a braggart.

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The church: surviving the recession

It has taken a beating financially in the African American community, but a strong legacy remains

When it comes to crises, the African American community, like other communities, can usually count on assistance from the Red Cross, local government agencies and the church. But with the Great Recession forcing some churches to shutter their doors, is that lifeline in jeopardy?

The church: surviving the recession

When it comes to crises, the African American community, like other communities, can usually count...

Pan African Film Festival: a year-round quest for the best

Carter G. Woodson's initial 1926 "Negro History Week" included both the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln...

Enduring lessons for young lovers

"That we arrived at 50 years together is due as much to luck as to...

Kamala D. Harris: in search of justice

After winning what was described as a "razor close" election for California attorney general in...

A full plate

"A single bracelet does not jingle"--proverb, Congo Yams, rice, corn, black-eyed peas, peanuts,...

Little town on the prairie

You've heard of them. Vin Rhames starred in a movie about one. Beverly Jenkins wrote...

The evolution of BET

Billed as "the biggest night in music," the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards has evolved...

Sexual abuse in schools is a national phenomenon

The prevalance of sexual misconduct at schools is hard to determine because there is no...

Why Red Tails flew high

Clapping and yelling at the sights of African American heroes on the screen, viewers on...

A shoppers holiday

Recycling Black dollars is not a new idea in Los Angeles. From the 1920s through...

Families finding life support

Family. We're not what we used to be. Today as we celebrate National Black Family...

Foster care: OK but improvements needed

"I consider myself a professional mother," said Annie Hall, who is currently caring for five...

Putting Black females in the executive pipeline

In the corporate world--the land of office supplies, paper cuts and ink stains--there has long...

Abortion and the Black Church

As we move deeper into Women's History Month, the status of Black women's health is...

Alls fair in love, war and relationships

Ah, the Valentine's weekend is upon us and a young woman's thoughts turn to love....

Black Philanthropy: Still working to uplift the underprivileged

"To whom much is given, much is required," is a life principle Bernard and Shirley...

Prop. 26 repeals new fuel laws

Proposition 26 proposes that state laws which result in any taxpayers paying higher taxes must...

Prop. 27 gives politicians back redistricting duties

Putting the redistricting process into the hands of the people is the topic of two...

Connecting with Africa

A number of local business associations advocate investment in the African Diaspora as a means...

Breast cancer: New facts, figures and developments

Ninety percent of White women who are diagnosed with breast cancer will live at least...